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December 24 2014

Aaaaand closing up shop here. Never visit it anyway so yeah.

Pardon the silence yesterday - caved in to stress, took the day off, had an emotional moment yadda yadda etc.

I’ll resume work later today. I’ll also be working tomorrow but considering the date I doubt I’ll stream (I’m expecting a lower-than-usual audience).

December 22 2014

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Done entirely on MyPaint.

Took a while but I did it: a painting of one of my OCs.

Also, while it looks good on the laptop the whole thing looks too yellow on my desktop. Is it the monitor? Is it the Catalyst driver settings? I don’t even know.

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Done entirely on MyPaint.


Huh. Accidentally deleted another post instead of the streaming one.

Yep. I need a break.


Lesson learned: Never stream a painting. Ever. The setup is too old to handle over ten layers, layer effects, colors, and large brushes at the same time as the streaming software.

I should’ve known it was too much when it required me to quit streaming just to save. Which, by the way, means I didn’t save as often as usual out of necessity.


I’m gonna see if I can salvage what I got. Otherwise I’ll just upload this photo I took of the frozen screen ‘cause it was my best work yet.

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Commission for soul-bot featuring Feferi.



Finishing a commission. Poke in if you want to see a hyper Feferi.

Also, if you want to donate anything… well, you know where the donate button is by now, I’m sure.


<!-- more -->I would like to formally apologize to the friends I mentioned in the last ask for being extra-silent these past months. Dunno if it’s obvious but my mental state hasn’t been that good lately. Stress levels are off the charts.

A lot of stuff happened. When I use low-audience streams to sort-of vent on the chat you know I shouldn’t be streaming in the first place (even though finances say I should anyway). I honestly doubt the situation will get better soon (if at all) but mentally-speaking I’ve been worse. I mean, I may be an anxious mess constantly feeling like I’m about to vomit from the pressure but at least I’m actually getting work done slowly instead of fully-freezing in a block of depression - that’s a massive improvement.

Anyway. Guess I’m asking for some patience with me, is all. If I don’t vent to you guys directly it’s not because I don’t trust you enough or anything - I’m just sick and tired of what’s going on and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear the same-old bullshit either (gets tiring, I know). I don’t want to be a downer / source of worry and stuff.

December 21 2014


I was wrong about the anxiety bit.


I’ll probably stream later today. Been getting into a good offline workflow, yes, but I should probably get on with the usual business. At the very least anxiety shouldn’t be an issue today.

We’ll see what happens.


giantessfeferi replied to your post: In other news, I tested out one of the…

(( I found it completely fine personally O.o I don’t think it looks bad at all! ))

To be honest, me neither, but it is pretty basic-looking. Then again, A. I’m used to qTox (which is more advanced) and B. I have different system fonts on the Linux setup (that in my opinion look better) so it’s probably bias. For comparison, here’s my copy of uTox:


And here’s my copy of qTox:

I am spoiled.

December 20 2014

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Commission for sudrien feat. a contortionist Kanaya.

Reblogging because Homestuck commission. Just posted on the other place to give it some activity besides OCs and worldbuilding stuff.

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Commission for sudrien feat. a contortionist Kanaya.

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Commission preview. Will most likely upload to the SFW blog when finished (because why not).


In other news, I tested out one of the Tox clients for Windows (uTox) and it’s… not as pretty as the one I’m using on Linux, admittedly (both the lightweightedness and the fact that I can change the system fonts to my liking here might be part of why that’s a thing, though the lack of avatar support doesn’t help). I can at least recommend qTox for Linux users (that’s the one I use) but until there’s a less obviously-alpha client on Windows I’m not gonna blame people for not picking it up yet.

I still hope it does pick up some attention, though, ‘cause I’m ditching Skype the moment I install Linux on the desktop and it’ll be a while before Trillian is free on the OS. So the only options for me chatting will be Tox and Steam (which I’ll be forced to actually appear online on… fuck).


Sorry for the slowness lately - anxiety’s been hitting me like a truck because of reasons so I’m slowly working on one commission at a time as a result. Silence helps a bit in these occasions.

Yesterday I skipped a bit and worked on a commission I hadn’t started yet since, well, as discussed previously I needed to practice complex poses more. So I’ll be finishing that one today instead of the previous ones, which I’ll resume either this afternoon or tomorrow (to strawmancrow, allthosebridges and soul-bot: sorry!).

Also, my sleep schedule has shifted back to diurnal (as in, just woke up recently). Considering the sources of my anxiety reside during the day this is not helping in the slightest.

December 19 2014

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New comic! Fashionable is a short comic about a bratty woman being harassed at the grocery store for being indecent. Which she isn’t, until she is. It’s Pay-What-You-Want, right here!!fashionable/c1764

Note: My digital distributor only allows 100 free downloads a day, so you might need to wait until tomorrow to get it free, or you could input .01 cent to kind of get it for free.

December 18 2014


warkingclass replied to your post: Once I have the time I think I should …

The best way to improve anatomy is life drawing. Take a class if you’ve never done one before, and then look around your area for open figure drawing sessions. Life > Photo reference > Imagination, for improvement. Same is true for scenes and objects

Already have, actually, though nowadays it’s impossible to find a session (it’s all paid here, and far from cheap since it’s all in colleges). Closest I can get to that is the weekly Croquis Cafe video and that’s it.


disposablecharacters replied to your post: Once I have the time I think I should …

Along with scenery, maybe practicing action shots with people in motion could help loosen up that stiffness you’re feeling? A GIS for “lines of action” brings up lots of useful stuff.

Oh yeah, that would help a lot. Been planning on learning animation properly when I have the time so that in particular is very useful.

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